Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rule #3 - Magazines and Books

I love to read. And I can re-read stuff so that's even cooler.

But I've gotten sucked into those Tanga deals where you get a year subscription of something for $5 and then you just gotta have it when it's time for renewal.

And do not send me to the bookstore for anything. I love to just browse, but almost always walk out with a book in hand, even if it's on sale, it shouldn't be happening.

We have great libraries all around us.

And yes, I do have an active library card. Granted, I think there is a balance of $8 in fees right now (one is NOT mine, rather the Boy) and I will pay that before the Year of Zero kicks in.

Rule #3

No new magazine subscriptions.

Use the library AND avoid late fees.

Huh. Should be easy, right?

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