Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

Geesh, can you believe it's the 21st day of April already?? I know I can't. Time seems to be flying by around here.

Anyways, an update (and I just didn't have the heart to type UPDATE in the header yet again.

Spent $15 at The Fresh Market and then $30 at Publix this past week. Hubby just came back from the store with sauerkraut (for the pork roast I pulled out of freezer), red potatoes, Vernor's, and olives. Pretty much all stuff for HIM as I don't particularly care for any of that.

Need to go and get a $20 gift card for a 14 year old girl from Ulta today ... and a 6 pk of yummy-licious beer to share with the mom for a party this evening.

Sent the Boy $100 for groceries and miscellaneous stuff. Another $60 was paid out for his bus pass to come home for a week (beats what it would cost for gas and a 6 to 7 hour car ride)

Had to put in $60 worth of gas into the truck this week as 2 trips to the VA this week really suck the gas ...

I will need to tweak the budget YET AGAIN to work out the ALF for my dad. He gets $1159 a month in social security . The ALF is $1875 a month AND he needs to pay for his prescriptions which is approximately $450 to $500 a month. No, he does NOT have insurance and he does not have Medicare Part D although I need to see if we can get him enrolled NOW that he's moved to another state. In the meantime, the VA has ZERO co-pay for 2012 due to his income level this year. Which is really nice and helps tremendously (being a pretty bad diabetic with all these other unknown issues is really freakin expensive, by the way) ...

VA has a program that is called Aid and Assistance where they will pitch in to help pay for assisted living. I just can't figure out HOW they calculate how much to pay out ... sort of stinks that I will be flying by the seat of my pants to see how much and WHEN he qualifies. Uggg. Hubby keeps asking me what else I need to do. Sign the lease, stroke a check, pack up dad and stuff and drive him there. Dad is not please AT ALL, needless to say, but I think he does understand that I cannot provide the care he needs AND deserves. :-(

That my friends, is why I'm thankful I tackled the new year with a Year of Zero ... it's sort of put me in training to do THIS now.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Again :-)

I am back from Indiana and have my dad in tow. It's been an interesting few days to say the least.

A few things of note:

He can't find the bread in this house. Ummm, probably because we don't eat bread and I had to make it a point to stop and get some.

He wants to go buy a book for his scanner. It can't cost but maybe $20., I think I can find the codes for you online (I didn't think he needed the book, silly me).

He wants to go buy some new sunglasses. And shorts. And cookies. And binoculars. And this and that., dad, you need to be saving every penny you have for the ALF. \

He is trying so hard to show how independent he is. Yet, he forgets to do 2 of his 8 insulin shots (yes, EIGHT) and ate half a package of oreos (yes, one whole row) and wondered why his sugar was over 400. Uggg.

This is all so new to me. And I'm trying real hard :)

So far, Zero Spend for Monday and Tuesday. Unless I count his purchase (I used his card) for the bread. $3.99

I promise to try and make more frequent, exciting posts!