Saturday, April 21, 2012

April 21, 2012

Geesh, can you believe it's the 21st day of April already?? I know I can't. Time seems to be flying by around here.

Anyways, an update (and I just didn't have the heart to type UPDATE in the header yet again.

Spent $15 at The Fresh Market and then $30 at Publix this past week. Hubby just came back from the store with sauerkraut (for the pork roast I pulled out of freezer), red potatoes, Vernor's, and olives. Pretty much all stuff for HIM as I don't particularly care for any of that.

Need to go and get a $20 gift card for a 14 year old girl from Ulta today ... and a 6 pk of yummy-licious beer to share with the mom for a party this evening.

Sent the Boy $100 for groceries and miscellaneous stuff. Another $60 was paid out for his bus pass to come home for a week (beats what it would cost for gas and a 6 to 7 hour car ride)

Had to put in $60 worth of gas into the truck this week as 2 trips to the VA this week really suck the gas ...

I will need to tweak the budget YET AGAIN to work out the ALF for my dad. He gets $1159 a month in social security . The ALF is $1875 a month AND he needs to pay for his prescriptions which is approximately $450 to $500 a month. No, he does NOT have insurance and he does not have Medicare Part D although I need to see if we can get him enrolled NOW that he's moved to another state. In the meantime, the VA has ZERO co-pay for 2012 due to his income level this year. Which is really nice and helps tremendously (being a pretty bad diabetic with all these other unknown issues is really freakin expensive, by the way) ...

VA has a program that is called Aid and Assistance where they will pitch in to help pay for assisted living. I just can't figure out HOW they calculate how much to pay out ... sort of stinks that I will be flying by the seat of my pants to see how much and WHEN he qualifies. Uggg. Hubby keeps asking me what else I need to do. Sign the lease, stroke a check, pack up dad and stuff and drive him there. Dad is not please AT ALL, needless to say, but I think he does understand that I cannot provide the care he needs AND deserves. :-(

That my friends, is why I'm thankful I tackled the new year with a Year of Zero ... it's sort of put me in training to do THIS now.

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  1. Your Dad is so lucky to have you and your family! Keep plugging along. You are keeping me motivated, thank you for that!!