Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May 2nd

It's been a LONG time since I've had a TRULY Zero Spend Day.

May 1st was all about my dad, getting him to the VA to pick up his final paperwork and then off to the Assisted Living Facility ... which meant I had to write a check for $2,600.00 ... holey cow that was tough. I will be reimbursed $1100 once his social security comes in, but still ... it was a tough pill to swallow.

The good news is that all parties seem to agree that he will get the VA Aid and Assistance, which could be as much as $1700 a month applied towards his living costs there. However, until that time where they finally review and approve, we have to pay it ... so my dad gets a whopping $1,159 a month ... after his $50 payment plan to VA (don't ask, no idea whatsoever how he got such a huge balance on that!) he will have $1,100 to give forth towards the $2250. The ALF is giving us a break at $2000 til the VA kicks in, then it goes to $2250 a month. And the BEST news? VA will pay back what we've already paid ... I just hope it's sooner than later!

So ... that means, NO EXTRA MONEY to be thrown around. Huh. I suppose it's good that I do know how to live frugal when I need to ... but still ... I'm a little frightened ... what if I lose my job ... what if Mark loses his job and so on.

Not to mention all these little incidentals that come up such as a few minutes ago a phone call came that my dad fell and was asking for Tylenol, which the doctor did approve but now we need to GET the Tylenol ...I have some at home but they want it now ... uggg ...

So, I'm aiming for a few more Zero Spend Days for May ... starting with the Grocery Challenge I talked about over on the other site (Frugal In Florida) ... I think I can do it since I really have NO choice ;-)

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  1. I sat here and wondered after reading these blog posts how in the world I ended up on your site here. Then I remembered what my task at hand was, I was going to do the listerine and shaving cream experiment on my feet and I googled around to see if others failed or succeeded with the same attempt at making feet matter how I came across your blog, I am your newest follower because I want to see how you fair in "2012 The year of zero." Good luck!