Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Technically, I've had ONE Zero Spend Day, and that was Saturday ... only because I felt like crap. No, it was NOT because I had the Espresso Martini's on Friday (and an impromptu Fry Fest with friends) but because the sinus infection reared it's ugly head again.

Sunday, I had to take the Boy to his friend to get the ride back to Orlando. Stopped at the bank and withdrew $100. Gave him $60 for his bus pass and $30 to his friends mom for gas. That left me with $25 in my wallet for the week coming up. Time for me to pull out the debit card and American Express and stash them in the drawer again.

I will be staying OUT OF THE STORES this week for the most part. Mark and the Boy did a Costco run for me on Friday (sweet, I suppose, as much as I wanted to go) and stocked up on the every day things I was needing (eggs, milk, salad stuff, cheese, etc.) ... so not a whole lot of things I can think of that I need at the moment!

I need to hit the American Express bill today with $600. That will pretty much wipe out my bank account for the next 4 days until the 15th where I get my 2 week check. Then that will pay the balance of the car insurance, cell phone bill, water, cable and a few dollars towards credit cards. Uggg.

I hate feeling like I'm upside down. It seems that I go from great to shit and back to great again.  I know that this last month with the stuff going on with my dad and my brother's crap, well, I knew it would be tight. Oh and learn (hopefully!)

I am also hitting the gym tonight as I slacked off last week between being sick and the Boy being home. When I workout, I find I spend LESS MONEY. Is there some kind of psychological connection there OR is it just because who wants to stop at the store when they are all hot and sweaty? I know how I feel!


  1. I know the feeling on doing great then it goes to heck then great again...goes on here on a repeating basis :)

    Hubby said last night we need to cut out frivilous spending. right after we shelled out $87 for the circus. and then he stopped at Mcd's and spent another $20. lol

    1. Ha...just like that $100 plus :) ... I just need to stay focused and do what needs to be done ... thanks for commenting! (How was the circus anyway??)

    2. not bad for what we have...our goal for next year is to travel and go to a Ringling Brothers circus...hubby, growing up in Tampa, has been a few being from Missouri(where we live) have never been