Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Updates and Such

Boy, I really need to get back in the groove of things. It's been mobbed at work and the personal crap is taking it's toll on me too.

I met a few girlfriends Friday night for prickly pear margaritas @ Canyons. Yummm. Except, I got there AFTER Happy Hour, so I ended up spending $12.75 for ONE drink. Yikes. But my girlfriends all pitched in and bought me another and another (3 total). That was nice of them. And I managed not to become a blubbering drunk ;-)

Then Saturday night, my BFF and I went to a little party together. We got there at 7pm and got on the road back home by 9. Got home at 9:30, Hubby had the pool all lit up and pretty and was making burgers. So we chilled at the house til midnight just enjoying the small talk about nothing. I really needed it and I think everyone could see that.

Sunday was a day of running and looking at ALF's out west. I say out west as in 10 miles straight west, 30 minute drive. Not so bad for a Sunday afternoon. Only downside? Cost. $1875 starting. IF his VA kicks in on it, much more doable, but the question is if I can handle the excess until that time AND what IF IT DOESN'T kick in?

So I've been reviewing the budget yet again. Technically, IF I was to stick with the really strict budget and not get sidetracked, I'd have about $1400 a month to provide. That's fine and dandy in addition to my dads $1100 ss check.  BUT the ALF is $1875 a month. Includes room and board, 3 meals plus snacks, excursions, daily activities and so on.  Cable in his room is extra (we'd have to buy a tv, no biggie really) and he could have a little refrigerator for snacks and water if he wanted.  My #1 selling point was the medication management. 5 insulin shots a day is alot for me to worry about. :(

IF the VA kicks in, he'd only be responsible for about $600 a month. But we would have to pay the full amount until the VA kicks in and IF they approve, then they would reimburse us back from the first day in. So it sounds promising but just a lot out front.

THEN of course, we'd have his medication to deal with. Not sure how much that would cost, or the whole procedure on that. The one ALF states that a local pharmacy delivers to them. He should be getting VA meds, and he was at one point, I really need to get on top of this and find out what's going on so we can get it squared away once and for all.

So April should be my LAST big American Express bill (the past 3 months have had flights, funerals/cremations, hotels, rental cars, etc.) and then I can get totally focused on finances.

My math is looking a little fuzzy lately and I'm not at all pleased with that!

And now tonight, another girlfriend wants to meet me at Shooters ... I'm wondering what the heck my face must be looking like that everyone is wanting to take me out ... yikes!! :) But that's what good friends are all about, being there when you need them most!

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  1. whoo hoooo! Were are you?? I finally started posting on my other pages. Time for you to come out and play with me!! :)