Monday, February 27, 2012

February 27, 2012

I can't believe the 2nd month of the Year of Zero is coming to an end! And as depressing as it may be to actually TYPE this, things are not working the way I had hoped. I suppose nothing ever does go as planned.

I am going to continue with a reduced grocery budget of $20.00 a week through March, hopefully. I was doing so very well prior to the trip back for my Dad, and now feel the NEED to continue for another 4 to 5 weeks. So, this morning, I put 3 fives and 5 singles in my wallet. Already, I need to get half and half ($3) but that's it so far. I'd like to pick up some potatoes but we will see.

I am going to be hit hard on the American Express Bill. The cost of hotel (unexpected) and the change of the ticket to return home. Not to mention a few miscellaneous charges that were put on while in Indiana. So the $400 I get from the attorney is going straight to AE. Along with any other money that might show up ...

We also may need to do a quick trip to Indiana NEXT WEEK already. Get there Sunday and come back Tuesday evening. Hubby has some stuff he may need to tend to (legal stuff) and I would go along to do a quick check on Dad since it would be the 2nd week for him there. Ugggg. I need to get my ducks all lined up. Can you say STRESS?

Bills are all paid for the month as of today (thankfully) and I have 2 $143 checks to deposit, along with a $60 miscellaneous check. The $60 is being applied to AE. The $286 will hang out until the 1st, which then if all is well, I will hit AE with that too. The $400 comes on Wednesday and will hit AE there too ... so $746 right off the top ... makes me feel a little better! Of course, I'd like to have that in my savings account but I have different priorities this month.

So that's my update for the day. Not much to really show but hey, it's about being disciplined and following through for me at this point.

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