Sunday, February 12, 2012

Friday, Saturday and Sunday (February 10th to 12th)

Technically, 2 days of Zero Spend ... but I did stop at Macy's Friday to pick up some undergarments ... used a gift card I've been saving. See below for Saturdays events.

I've not stepped foot in a grocery store since Tuesday and probably won't hit one up until Tuesday again ... need to stop and get a few things before I head out of town.

The flight was surprisingly cheap for a non stop trip. $183 total round trip. Of course, once I'm there, a few dollars will leave my account.  Will probably stop at Costco before I get on the highway (one right there within minutes of the airport) to pick up some cleaning stuff, water bottles and a few other things to contribute to the households ... As I've been told that my father wants to clear the trailer out and get 'rid of it' ... I will hopefully be able to make a sizable contribution in the cleaning. Whether or not he will be there with me is another story. He is staying with my brother and wife and does not want to go back there, but rather come down here with me. Forever. Yike. It will be a little uncomfortable sitting for a long time to spend time with my dad at their house, so I am thinking of a few things to get him out to do ... movie, dinner, lunch, etc. Plus I will go with my father in law to look at some assisted living places he was checking out for me ... I'm hoping this will go well. I will also take him out for dinner one evening as appreciation for what he's assisting me with.

We sold the Bowflex today, $200 ... I had it listed for quite a while and have been knocking down the price every week. We were down to $250 but a young couple came over, left, called back and made an offer, so of course, I said YES because we were getting ready to donate to a non-profit rehabilitation facility....that $200 will be applied to the $1200 car insurance bill coming up. There was also a $140 check received from an old investment account we had ... not quite sure what it's for as we had moved the account several years back ... so $350 approximately to be applied towards the insurance which means I can apply to:

My hair. On Saturday, I broke down and went and got my hair done. Hubby kept dropping subtle hints. And not so subtle. My usual girl is on maternity leave, so went down the street here, figuring it couldn't be too much more than what I usually pay. I was fine until I got the parking ticket. Damn it. $300 for color, highlights, scalp massage, cut and blow dry, style and parking ticket. 4 hours. Done. I regret that it cost THAT much, but it does look great and he did a fantastic job. Need to look for other options before May (Vegas bound).

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