Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012

Not quite sure how it happened, but the day started off with a drive thru BK.You would think after the 'pink slime' report on McDonald's, I'd be done with fast food. NOT. $4.76 for a mediocre sausage/egg on croissant with a side of tater tots (oh, wait, those are hash browns?) and a coke. Good grief. Not sure what makes me more upset, the $4.76 or the fact that I could have easily made this at home. WEAK MOMENT. I admit it, my hands freaking hurt and I'm feeling blah. Better find something quick to take care of that! I left the anti-inflammatory meds at home this morning. Not a good start.

Skipped the gym, tired, hands hurt, and I needed to just go home. Stopped at the store (fresh market) got a huge container (Costco size!) baby spinach for $4.99, gallon of milk $3.99 and some bananas for 69 cents a lb. Publix prices. Sweet. $11.70 total.

Stopped at pet store to get the cat flea stuff. $57. Good grief. Even with a $2 off coupon. Need to check out 800PetMeds.

Also, the final kicker for the day, booked a flight to see my dad next week. I need to SEE him. $183. Not so bad round trip for 5 days, you know? Will need to rent a car but that won't be much (Mark works for a major car rental company), and will probably stay with my father in law (ummm, I don't think I can pull off MY dad's house). So next week will be a challenge.

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