Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tuesday and Wednesday, January 31st and February 1st, 2012

Tuesday - Zero Spend Day ... DAY SEVEN! That was a good feeling last night to be in for the night and be able to say that!

Wednesday was ALSO a Zero Spend Day, EIGHT DAYS!!

The Fresh Market opened Wednesday in downtown Fort Lauderdale. Like, I will drive by it every morning IF I don't take the scenic route. Um, like I need to take the scenic route :) I really want to go but I'm holding out only because I know I'll BUY something. Yikes.

I did a DIY lip wax earlier this week. If you want to know (and SEE the results, click over to the other blog). That's pretty impressive that it works AND that it didn't hurt all that bad, not to mention, easy to do. Yes. I saved myself $10. Woohoo. Next up are the eye brows, not so sure how THAT will go.

Mark took me out for dinner Wednesday to the japanese buffet. He paid. So no money out of MY pocket. Hence, it was still a zero spend day. I've had this same $20 in my walled for 9 days now. Wow. It feels good and there isn't anything that I need. I really wanted to get some sparkling water that was on sale but the sale is over, and I'm not dying yet, so it goes to show, missing good deals are not the end of the world.

Need to move the remaining funds from checking to savings (about $500) and start setting up bill pay for those bills that are coming in. After a bleak January, I'm aiming HIGH for February. Need to also get the modified budget up for review.


  1. 8 Days? You rock! My record is 4. Yikes! Good luck, I hope you have a FAB FEB! (my attempt at funny!)

  2. Great job on the 8 days! That's awesome :)