Friday, February 3, 2012

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday which always a HAPPY day for me for the most obvious reasons. It's also the former "swing by the store and see what looks yummy" day, but not any longer. Which I am perfectly fine with.

Doing my own nails is not all that difficult. I miss the pedicures though. Wondering if I can't slide that into the medical category since I only typically spend $10 for one script a month and then $25 every few months for a dr ... I've given myself $50 a month. I suppose I should leave that alone. BUT a pedicure could be considered medicinal since I have slight feet problems. Yeah, you see me trying to justify that? Anyways. I've got one nailpolish that just won't set right. Even with the topcoat. So last night, I sprayed Pam on them after I applied the polish, sat for 10 minutes then rinsed off with cold water. HA. It works. And it makes your cuticles feel softer. And the polish is uber shiny and smooth. (I say this the morning after!). And I always have Costco sized cans of Pam in the house. One more thing to add to the list ... excellent! Another plug to Rule #10.

I withdrew $100 and deposited it in the Boy's account so he can get his bus pass coming up. He will also have some money for food then. His girlfriends mom is driving up next week for a day so she can take a care package for me (protein bars, drinks, veggie chips and so on that I had picked up at Costco last time I was there) ... I will just send stuff that I already have on hand here ... keeping it simple but at least that will work for him.

I also stopped to make a $60 cash deposit into the NO TOUCH account. Hmmm. The debit card won't work. Said to call customer service. Apparently, if you don't use it for 6 months, it's deactivated. So had to go to branch during lunch hour and get a temporary one and make a deposit there. Busy place it was, Friday afternoon at 12:30? Not a good time to go.

After my excitement last night of The Fresh Market, I realized the mineolas were $1.30 EACH as I ate one. And unfortunately, I didn't think they were worth that much, so I probably will not be buying those from THERE again. I'll stick with the little clementines instead.

I got the electric for my father paid this month. $137. I set up automatic bill pay on the credit cards for the month. Of course, I need to add another $10 to the one as the minimum amount went up by $10. Good grief. Will pay the remaining float (whatever is left of the $400 budget) to the Macy's account at the end of the month. I had also transferred $560.xx to another savings account on the 1st ... this was money that was left in the account, so it was my 'sweep'. Of course, I still need to pay $700 for the AE bill and the car insurance is due on the 18th. So it probably will not stay there long. But at least I put SOMETHING in the No Touch account.

And then, I stopped by Ulta on the way home ... I wanted to look for this cuticle cream and some new polish (maybe) ... ended up getting cuticle remover, cuticle pushy thingy, buffer, another 2 buffers and an eyeshadow brush ... $30. Ack. Crumb. But that's ok, this will last me longer than a $25 manicure ... gotta think positive!

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