Sunday, February 5, 2012

Saturday and Sunday, February 4th and 5th, 2012

Went and worked out Saturday at 9am. My girlfriend was going to meet me but backed out at the last minute as she's been fighting a sinus issue for weeks now. We had planned to go get coffee and bagels at this little place afterwards, and I'm glad it didn't work that way. Not excited about a $5 cup of coffee, that's all. The day ended being a Zero Spend Day again ... so I'm pretty happy about that.

We have a SmartTV ... Mark held out til the old one died and then we shopped for ever to get this one. So basically, the TV has wifi connection ... and I just finally got around to setting up the Pandora account on the TV this morning. So all day long been listening to Kid Rock Radio while cleaning house. I think I may have messed it up though as I was adding other artist to the play list and now it's giving me some pretty funky music. Black Eyed Peas, no problem, Rhianna? No thanks. And then it goes in to some pretty hokey country stuff. Good grief! Gonna have to delete the station and restart.

Then instead of going out for dinner, I did a mock Olive Garden night ... Garlic Tuscan Chicken, salad with OG dressing and bread sticks ... pretty damn proud of myself. Had to share the kitchen with Mark as he was making his stuffed shells to go with the pizzola meatballs for the game Sunday.

Sunday turned into a Zero Spend Day too (woohoo!) as I put off going to get the 'weed and feed' for the cat (flea medicine, it's a joke in the house) ... will have to get it this week on my way to work one morning (utilizing that save an extra trip mentality) We wanted to have a Super Bowl Party but opted not to as a) it will be a late night, b) I didn't want to go buy a bunch of stuff and ruin the $20 a week plan for February (cheap? perhaps, but still) and c) neither team is a team we really care much for so it would be hard to root and cheer. We will watch in the background (me for the commercials, Mark for the chat factor this week) ... but I'll probably be messing on the computer and Mark will be doing something else too ...

So there we are, a new week and I have $27 to shop with this week. Sweet. Glad I didn't go to Aldis Sunday like I wanted to ... not a necessity although I will have to stop and get spinach and milk and really, bagels or bread for the Girl on Monday (and the weed and feed, but that's not in the budget anywhere, should be).

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