Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Uhhh...I had to break the streak ... but not too badly.  I stopped at The Fresh Market (it was KILLING me) ... all I was going to get was bananas.  I also got 2 mineolas, 1 navel, a Meyers lemon (lemon drops??), and 2 small containers (less than 1 lb total) of olives for Mark.  Total spent: $12.67. I used the debit card. So I broke the $20 and pulled $7 from my savings envelope and put the $20 in the savings envelope. Tomorrow, I deposit $60 to the NO TOUCH savings.

I may be booking another flight to Indiana ... my dad had another TIA but at least he was at the hospital when this one happened. Good grief. So they took him off the PT floor to the Stroke floor and I told Mark I probably need to be booking a trip soon. Freaking my brother out though for whatever reason.

So here we are, $7 left for groceries, nothing urgent really needed and I feel 'good'.

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