Friday, February 10, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday, February 8 and 9, 2012

Ahhh...2 more Zero Spend Days ... makes me a happy camper. I've been good in going straight to work out after I leave the office, and well, heck, who wants to browse a store all sweaty? Not me!

Mark has had jury duty all week and will most likely be in for the next week too on a trail. Interesting but of course, can't say a whole lot about it. They asked some pretty detail questions about what I do and who my attorneys are, but he's not said much to me. Did ask me what a Wild Deed was last night so that definitely perked my ears ... that's a SERIOUS title defect that NO ONE wants to tackle to cure ... so I'm starting to imagine all kinds of things!

I still have $11 in my purse (I hope, I've not seen it!) and I dont' think I need anything for the weekend, except, maybe a loaf of bread ... but not sure who will eat it. Oh, and maybe cat food. He's getting low (no litter, yeah!!)

I leave for Indiana on the 15th, and know that my Zero Spending will go out the window but am going to be ultra conservative while there. My father is being released from the hospital on Friday and he is (apparently) going to stay with my brother and his wife for a few weeks. Interesting, very very interesting. My brother was sending me texts at 9pm Thursday night but I didn't see them til I went to bed at 11, so need to follow up with him this morning.

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