Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Buy and Reward Points

I've been putting off getting ink for the one printer for oh, about a month now.

Why? Because I wanted to go to Best Buy and get it ... I have $50 in reward certificates. And quite honestly, I had NO desire to head in there during the holiday crush.

Last night I finally stopped on my way home as Princess really needed to print this paper off and keep in her car (she's a procrastinator apparently) until her new tags arrive. Ha.

I avoided browsing, although I did little longingly at the new printers but moved on to the cartridges.

I debated on the XL cartridge for $40+ or just the ordinary cartridge for $15+. I opted for the $15 one.

Went to check out ... handed over my $10 and $5 certificates and forked over two quarters and two pennies ... thankfully I had change in the bottom of my purse that I scooped out of my car that morning, so I wasn't in the same predicament as I was with Target.

Yes, 52 cents is what it cost me.

I feel good. And I still have $35 left. Yippee Yahoo.

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