Friday, December 30, 2011

New Year's Eve Festivities

We pretty much have all the food on hand that we will be preparing (well, except the water chestnuts, the chips, the fresh tomatoes ... ok, Marked picked up a few things) ...

But I was waffling back and forth about the liquor.

Yes, I have 4 bottles of Tequila (wait, make that 6, 4 are the real good stuff), JD, Gin, Titos Vodka, and a little rum and some other odds and ends. Like the Double Espresso Vodka and the bottle of Kahlua <shudder> (those 2 shaken and chilled, strained and done as a shot? delicious but wicked headache the next day ... though that could have been from the amount of wine consumed beforehand?)

And yes, I have 'some' beer in the fridge, but not enough for a party so to speak. You know, 10 or more people does constitute a party.

So I went to Wine Spirits and More. And got 3 12 pks of various beers. A 12 pk of Smirnoff Ice (variety pack, for the younger drinkers). 2 bottles of good champagne and 3 bottles of cheap'er' champagne (still $16 a bottle, but I just can't pull off cheap stuff, you know??)

Hmmm...what else?

Oh, yeah. A bottle of Crown Royal and a bottle of Sour Green Apple Schnapps ... for Washington Apples.

Honestly, I'm trying to avoid a hangover on Sunday.

Total spent was pretty much A LOT. $178. And one of the bottles of champagne was free, and $5 off in coupons for the beer.  I did put the little crown bag away for part of a pirate costume for next Halloween (I can never seem to find one when I need it!)

Appetizers will be spinach/artichoke hot dip, shrimp cocktail (freezer), mini quiche (freezer), cheese with summer sausage and crackers, bacon wrapped water chestnuts, stuffed mushrooms, chips and salsa, cheese spread, and if I'm motivated enough, I will do a few cold cut rollups (turkey and ham are in fridge). But then again, probably not as Mark bought a Honey Baked Turkey Breast (yum) today. Ummm...that was NOT on the list but he did it anyway. I guess he's figuring going out with a bang?

Just being honest here. I'm hoping that the champagne is NOT all drunk that night, as the beer, ice and Washington Apples. But if it is, it is. Just means I may have a dry spell there =D

We will probably leave the house and head to A1A and Las Olas for the Ball Dropping at the Elbow Room. However, I'd just as soon stay here instead and watch the fireworks as we can see them from the front yard.

I'm not feeling too badly (still) about the liquor tab. We generally have ONE big bash in the winter months and didn't get to do the boat parade this year ... so .... I'm ok with it. I need to go online though and look at my balance and clear out the funds to start the new year with $1341 in my checking account on Sunday ... woohoo ... let the games begin!

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