Wednesday, December 21, 2011

An Early Start?

Apparently, I didn't get the memo ... but I seem to have gotten an early start ... but not because I wanted to ... more that I needed to.

With my  mom passing suddenly and then finding a lot of things have gone unpaid (and prescriptions not refilled) I spent a buttload of money up north those 7 days. Which is fine because I could and no one else was able.

But the after effect is tightening of the pursestrings. Which, again, is ok, but not desired. I mean, heck, it's Christmas time. I've only gotten a few things ... one for Sonny Boy (the microwave pasta maker that I got at the garage sale from neighbor for free), Hubbys DVD set (ordered before all the stuff kicked in) ... each kid has a $25 McDonalds gift card in their stocking, and that's IT. Getting ready to do the early morning run to Macy's this morning to use my $10 off $25 and get both kids some clothes and hope they can return if they don't like (will inquire) ... then after work it's to Best Buy (ink for printer using my $50 rewards) and then Bed Bath & Beyond to get Hubby an electric knife and a Fushigi Ball for the Boy. Princess may just get hair stuff as she still likes that silly girly stuff. I also need to look for something for the girlfriend in the Boy's life.

I feel a little pressure. I've got to pay the property taxes ($5300) by months end. I have the water and cable bill to pay (about $250 total?). Then there is the American Express bill of $750 that needs to be paid (next month will be a LOT higher). I need to make my deposit of $800 today which I think will make the taxes ok to pay now.  I'm stressed, but I'm not. Because I know that looking at The Budget I created earlier, it's doable and NOT the end of the world, so long as I don't let myself get behind THIS month.

And that, my friends, is the key, DO NOT GET BEHIND.

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