Monday, December 19, 2011

Rule #9 - Control Food Waste

I'm really bad about this one.

But mostly, it's just produce. So it should be easy to take care of this. I just need to remember that I can make a produce run if necessary, to under buy rather than over buy.

Kristin over at The Frugal Girl does a weekly post and link up on Friday for Food Waste. I'm always amazed that she has such little waste. Heh. I can only HOPE to be like that!

Fortunately we eat leftovers for lunches and carry over dinners. Sometimes, if it's something really really good, I'll stuff it in the freezer to be eaten in a week or two as a special 'surprise' leftover meal. Of course, sometimes, I forget about them. Which really defeats the whole purpose!

Rule #9:

Control Food Waste

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