Monday, December 5, 2011

Rule #7 - No New Commitments

You know those monthly bills, netflix, the GYM, cellphones, etc? All those extra services we pay for on a month by month basis, regardless if we use them or not.

Well, I'm commiting right here, right now.


Which means, the GYM that we love but realize is way to inconvenient to get to? If I'm gonna switch, I need to do it THIS MONTH otherwise, it's cancel and cancel only. ACK.

Cable. Stays the same or goes away.

Cell Phone? Same.

Magazines? Sorry. No more.

Online memberships. Sob. That's it. Just Say No.

And this also means, them credit cards? No more. What I have is what I have. Nothing new. Which should NOT be an issue because this is the YEAR OF ZERO.

Rule #7 - No New Commitments.

PS - today is the Boys 19th birthday. Happy birthday Kid!

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