Friday, December 23, 2011

End of the Year Bonus

I got a lot of the shopping done yesterday morning at Macy's for the kids and picked up some odds and ends too. Spent a little over $100 which was pretty good for 8 items, all quality clothing. Still need to go to Best Buy (ink) and Bed Bath & Beyond (electric knife). Will probably swing over to ULTA too to get a few gift cards (Princess and the Boy's g/f). And then I think the grocery store for some stocking stuffers and bottles of sparkling grape juice and then I'll be done.

So. Wednesday, I got 3 checks for year end bonuses. Two at $500. And one at $1000.

That was way to generous, and I even said so.

The bosses treat me well, I know. But that was way too much. They insisted.

So I deposited them.

I now can pay the remainder of the property taxes AND the rest of the outstanding bills for the month.

Ahhh. I feel so much better now. I may not be going into the new year negative, as I was starting to fear (with my mom passing away unexpectedly, I drained all 3 accounts for airfare, car rental, cremation fees and getting my dads bills caught up so there would be no disconnection of services anywhere). I'm blessed and I realize that I am. Which is giving me all the more willpower to do this for 2012.

It's sad that bonuses should NOT be used to pay bills or get caught up on something. But for me, this was really a lifesaver. I was dreading paying the taxes as it would have left me in the HOLE for the beginning of the year, as in negative balance. No thank you.

What are YOUR resolutions? Did you make any?

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