Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Coming Down To The Wire

This is it, the homestretch!

I did good over the weekend, Zero Spend Saturday and Sunday (uh, doh, it was Christmas Eve and then Christmas, I'm aware of that).

Monday would have been a great day too except that my neighbor, who is like my Florida mom, she wanted to do the casino. As she's going through heavy radiation and chemo yet again, I told Mark that I almost felt like I needed to do this as it may be the last time to do so.

$60 in. Came out with $3. Ahhh. I remember why I hate gambling.

This week should be a fairly inexpensive week as far as spending goes. Hoping that Penn Dutch puts chicken on sale as I think I'm getting low. Same with beef. Wondering if we shouldn't go back to grinding our own beef again (we have a meat grinder, not commercial size!) ... if beef stays over $3 almost $4 a pound, may consider it. Still need to get to Costco but now re-evaluating the cat thing. We have a big box that the Boy put a beach towel in and a few cat toys, and the old kitty, Gman has taken up ownership in it ... Kitty Kitty has a tendency to want to stand on it and then walk to the edge where it collapse, freaking Gman out. Not sure how long that will last before we kick it out :)

If I do Costco and skip the cat condo thing, I'd say under $100, possibly even less than that. Most likely even less than that now that I think about it.

We had no consumable water over the weekend (main waterline break) so used up most of my bottled water. Will need to replenish that, and Costco is the best price for it.

Other than that, feeling good going in to the New Year. How about you?


  1. Homestretch indeed - let's get this party started!

    I've had enough of 2011 - not that it was bad, but being this close to the start of the new year, I'm eager to just get on with it already!