Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20th

Oh Thank God It's Friday! Seriously. What a week. It's been the week of "Beat Up Jan" ... well, so I think anyway. Slightly dramatic, I'm sure.

I have no need to go to the grocery store after work today, yahoo! I was planning on cubanos but I ended up making a nice chicken stirfry using what we had on hand, including the rice I froze the other night. Sweet.

I know it's not a big deal, and better to have done it this way but I stopped at the gym last night to cancel my membership. It's done 2/27/12 ... so I had to pay a $25 termination fee which would at least avoid this month and next month of $21.20 ... but I fought tooth and nail on it ... which was no use. Then when I was leaving the manager reminded me that Mark could still bring me along as a guest when I wanted to come ... oh yeah, I totally FORGOT about that. I guess he felt bad that he couldn't 'do' anything to help out with the early termination fee.

It's not a Zero Spend Day afterall ... needed to get gas so stopped and put $30 in, gave me almost half tank at $3.56 a gallon. Good lord it's not even creeping upward, it's shooting.

Saturday, January 21 - a Zero Spend Day (every one do happy dance!) ... we ended up making chicken thighs in mojo and black beans and rice. Just a general stay home day and night, although friends called us from bar down the street at 10pm and Mark was ready to walk over ... but I said no, too late, we've already had a few drinks, no need to go blow $100 for an hour of drunk fun :)

Sunday, January 22 - another Zero Spend Day but not a happy day. Had to take in Gman, the old kitty who we foster, to the vet and off to the big party. I can't believe how upset I was at having to do this. The $124 charge was paid by his old master, who used to be a pretty good friend. She borrowed a credit card from her father (??!!) to pay it instead of making me. I'm still very sad over this.

There is a Costco trip scheduled for this week. That makes me giddy and a little apprehensive. See, I'm taking CASH with me and leaving debit card at home. YIKES. No way around it then, huh? Although I will have the AE with me so I can get gas there ...

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