Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Wow, another Monday, another work day. Quiet at the office, a little eery in that the phones are so quiet. I know it will pick up soon but seriously, paying the bills and my payroll leaves about $500 in operating account. And only 2 closings on the book for January so far ... ick.

It was another Zero Spend Day which makes me happy. Why is it that I celebrate a successful Zero Spend Day ... it should NOT be such a big deal, yet it is ... wonder how long I could really go for?

So Sunday night, was feeling down, just blah, and not at all happy and bubbly about things in general so I thougth I would console myself and made a nice mug of nutella and warm milk. It really is good and actually satisfy the sweet tooth. I believe this may be my new favorite treat ... hope the 2 large containers of Costco size Nutella last a while ... that stuff is expensive at the grocery store!

I declined lunch out with the bosses, had my salad with steak and homemade dressing that I was really looking forward to ... it was delicious and I'm glad I didn't let it go to waste. It would have, had I went out (even at no cost to me).

Dinner ended up being a plate of nachos for me after I got home from working out. Yeah, nice, I know....Hubby got chicken and brocolli (tossed it all in a skillet to saute while I waited for him to get home) ... I need to try the Green Smoothie things (as always, recipes are posted on the other site) ... it would be so much healthier than nachos, don't you think?

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