Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to work today. And I've gotten a lot of stuff done.

Already paid one credit card payment this morning as I noticed when reviewing the statement it said I was one payment behind. I'm quite certain I wasn't, but further review showed that I failed to make the MINIMUM payment (by $10), therefore, they consider that delinquent. Nice. And a late fee of $35.00

So today, already, before 8am this morning, I spent $107.00 out of the credit cards $400 budget.  That leaves me with $293 to pay the others. Not a problem, but certainly do not see any real additional money being put towards the lowest balance one this month. FYI - the lowest balance card I have is $285.00 which means that this should be paid down in NO time at all with the next card being $587.00 (AE) or HSBC (BestBuy) $683.  As I sat there and got the balances, I went ahead and made a payment on AE for $25 and one on Best Buy for $45.

The remainder of the day was fairly simple, work, drive home and then discover that both kids were home this evening ... Hubby and I decided to take them to dinner as we've not done that yet, and the Boy will be leaving Thursday morning. Sweet Tomatoes it was since I had coupons. $43 out of pocket cash. I still need to get to the bank and withdraw the grocery and gas funds for the 2 weeks ($190).  We did go over our goal for dinner out but we also had 2 additional mouths to feed,  so I'm fine (real goal is $40, my goal is $30).

So day 3, not so bad ... just very upset by the stupidity of forgetting to double and triple check the minimum payment due ... live and learn.

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