Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Reviewing Credit Card Statements

In the past, I've not reviewed the credit card statements, nor have I even really looked. I mean, seriously, I get ONE in the mail, the rest are online.

PROBLEM #1 - Failure to review and confirm that the minimum payment really is the minimum payment creates issues. As in "LATE FEE" and "WARNING" on top of the statement.

Hello?? I need to call Capital One today ... I went online to get the balance to enter in the binder and notice that my minimum payment for January was $107.00. That's about $47 more than I had slated.

Because I was paying $50 two times a month for a while there ($100 total) I thought for sure the $50 was the minimum (and I had just been doubling up on it since for awhile it was the ONLY credit card I had) ... well gosh, was I WRONG. Minimum payment is and has always been $60.00.

So I will call today and see if I can't get the $35.00 late fee waived (I mean seriously, $35??) ... this is why I hate credit cards.

I know, I screwed up on it, I admit it ... but geesh.

Balance on the card? $2,600. Yikes.

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  1. Our capital one balance is higher if it helps any. LOL Our min is 89