Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

At Last!

I'm so glad that I woke up this morning without a hangover (miracles do happen!) and I'm focused!

Of course, it's Sunday. It's New Years Day. Which should be NO problem for it to be a Zero Spend Day, right?

I should make a family breakfast, perhaps the coffee cake I just saw on FoodTV ... but then again, nah, everyone can toast themselves a croissant when they wake up.

I plan on cleaning up from last night (3am was too late to clean), do some laundry, take down the Christmas stuff, drag tree outside and menu plan for the week.

I also need to clean out the fridge and try to stick with Rule #9 as there is a lot of food in there that needs to be properly packaged up, labeled and located in one spot of fridge to eat first.

And I need to make the salad stuff for the week lunches. Sonny Boy goes back on Thursday now (wah, it was Friday) and we need to discuss his needs coming up for January and budget it out. Yeah, I know, it's not in the budget and I already am starting to realize I need to add in his transportation ($50) and his food ($150 or so) which would add $200 more a month to the Budget. Not bad considering I should have about $750 to $1000 floating around at the end of the month. We will see.

We also need to discuss his books for next week but I won't know until NEXT WEEK. I'm telling you, this college stuff just drives me nuts =D

Going to pull the Binders out this morning and 'perfect' them for maximum effect ...

And, last, need to empty out the coolers ... I think there are 2 bottles of champagne left and a few beers, thankfully. Not sure what the damage was to the liquor but it shouldn't be bad as we were all fully functional by night's end!

How are you starting off the New Year?

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