Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tried to make a motherly statement this morning and FORCED the girl to get up and go to work, tired or not. She went out with a bunch of friends at 10pm last night and has to be at work at 7am. Well. I told her that she needed to remember that, and sure enough, 4am she rolls in. Brat. I do NOT worry about her, nor was I overly concerned as she was with a group that were celebrating a friend that is on his month leave after being deployed for almost a year. I'm sure they were at someones house (for once, thankful it wasn't MINE) and they are all of age. So. I do not believe I will be nominated for Mother of the Year just yet.

Moving on. Made myself a fried egg sandwich in a hurry and tossed the remaining chicken tenders and potato salad into a container to bring to work ... wasn't that I was running behind or anything, just got sidetracked and again, not paying attention to the time!

Knew it would be a Zero Spend Day but certainly was NOT anticipating the Costco trip to be so overwhelming. Figured if I went after working out (aka, sweaty) and closer to closing time, I'd be in and out with any time to browse. Uh. Not so much.

$384.84 later. AND gas (which I frantically drove thru the parking lot because I thought they were closing up!) ... $3.35 a gallon for a total of $71.01 (tried to get even at $70, missed and shot for $71, missed again) ... this gave me a full tank and then some so I'm hoping (HOPING) that maybe, just maybe, I can get away with only $40 in February.

Because of this, I'm seriously thinking of imposing a 28 Day No Spend for February. You know, alot of the mommy blogs (not knockin them, I LOVE THEM!) do 30 Days of Nothing, Pantry Challenge, and so on ... well, I think maybe that is what I need to do? Ick. Not wanting to. But maybe that's what I do to give myself a good kick in the rear to pick it up and move on. Remember, this is a YEAR OF ZERO!

On another note, I've got $200 in my checking account (I think, need to really go look), $20 in my savings account and another $15 in the No Touch Savings account. ACK. I've got $400 and $143 coming this week and $60 from Paypal (for the Textbroker writings). Then the 31st, my big check comes in but that goes for February. I still need to pay the water bills ... I think that's it. Then sweep everything over to the savings account. Nothing has been contributed to the No Touch. Geesh. Maybe I should just split the difference at the end of the month to at least contribute SOMETHING.

I'm rambling. Need to get breakfast and lunch together. Here's to a Zero Spend Wednesday!

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