Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dusting Myself Off

I've gotten back on the horse today.

This morning, I did the following to keep Rule #9 intact ... so I can say this is not a complete failure after all!

1. Froze large container of chili that was still in fridge. This will make a nice middle of the week soup night down the road. Will toss in a bag of cheese on top once it's frozen so I can be sure there is cheese to go along with it!

2. Sliced up and froze a banana that was on its way south. The little bag went into the BIG smoothie bag in the freezer (this bag contains cubes of frozen yogurt and any other mini frozen fruit)

3. Took the 32 oz container of yogurt and filled up to ice trays. Will divide the cubes up this evening into little bags and put them in the BIG smoothie bag (3 cubes per bag is a perfect amount for a smoothie)

4. Froze the rest of the rice leftover from the other night. NOTE: I want to look at the one bag of steam rice and veggies I have in the freezer and see if I can't replicate that? That would be awesome!

5. Used up the rest of the spicy steak dressing for lunch today ...

I need to evaluate the oranges, grapefruit and strawberries to see if they need to be processed for the freezer too? Will most likely see if I can't juice the oranges and grapefruit as I'm not so sure I want to freeze them, you know?

Also may look at freezing some of the pork loin I made Monday. That would be another nice surprise mid week meal during a busy week ... love the thought of that!

Yes. I am trying!

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