Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

I was looking at these OXO grip push top containers on Amazon and realized that WHOOPS I was falling into the consumable mode again, just like that. Holey cow! It happens really quick. The $99 price tag sort of startled me and made me realize what I was doing. Had it been $49.99 or something I probably would have clicked on 'buy it now'. Yikes.

I tossed out the menu plan for dinner and opted to toss some stuff in the crockpot before I left for work. White Chili (using the chicken that was already cooked and shredded from freezer) ... really need  to make an effort to get at least one freezer organized so I know what we have ... I've not been to the grocery store yet this week and am hoping to hold out til at least Sunday ... don't ask about Costco, please! NOT GOING THERE.

Then, forgot my purse at home this morning. Sent the Boy to the bank with my debit card to get out $200. Didn't tell him it's for his bus pass, gas for the ride back tomorrow AND the rest is his food fund ($100) for the month. AND on top if it, the last class he was holding out for came open so he enrolled in that for the tune of $300.000.

Just like that, while I'm at work, $500 is out of my account. Netflix also posted to the account today at $21.18. My account currently shows a balance of $410 ... frightening for me to see that.

The main thing that stayed with me ALL day though is how fast I wanted the storage containers when I saw them. Amazing. Makes me wonder just how the rest of the 361 days are going to go?

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