Sunday, January 8, 2012

Saturday and Sunday, January 7 & 8, 2012

Saturday, January 7th

One week in ... did a free class with girlfriend this morning (thought I was going to toss my cookies and pass out yes, I did sign up ... $39 a month, need to revise the budget).

Then stopped at the grocery store. Really, only had 6 things on the list:  milk, cat food, cat litter, diet coke (Mark, he felt it necessary), a new brita filter (been without over a week) and canning lids. Ummm... $92 later and a lot of 'stuff' ... good lord. This would pretty much leave me with $25 for next week ($35 at Carrabas and then $92 this week ... $150 for the 2 weeks allowable).

I feel better today from yesterday. Opted to take Tylenol as my head aches today too. But surprisingly, after nearly killing myself at class, I feel pretty good now. Not much pain but probably because I'm so freakin weak ...

I need to make sure to cancel the other gym membership tomorrow ... this gym is more money than I wanted to spend (it's actually dance classes) but I know that I will go here as it's on my way home from the office and the classes are a good time ... plus my girlfriend goes Monday through Thursday. This is also good in that gas is going up by leaps and bounds ... whats up with that? I paid $3.23 last Saturday and today it's $3.47. Can't believe that.

Sunday - January 8th

Had to do a run to Walmart this morning, $26 later. Ummm, it was for feminine products that both I and the Girl needed. Also got 2 trellis things for the tomato plant that is taking over the garden.

Ran to Kmart with Hubby where he kindly picked up a pair of boots (YEAH) for me for $19.99 on clearance. Yippee Yahoo, I got my boots I wanted!

All in all, the first real weekend was a little more spendy then I wanted it to be (the grocery store, much more so) ... need to complete convert to CASH and remove the debit card from purse.

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