Thursday, January 26, 2012

Wednesday and Thursday, January 25-26, 2012

Thankfully, I can say both were Zero Spend Days ... wohoo! Be nice to go thru Monday saying the same, that would be FIVE days straight. Can I do it?

I was budgeting out the income through the end of the month and thought, heh, not so very bad that I can put in savings, but them I REMEMBERED that Hubby picked up half of the Gold AE bill (which I had put the funeral services on in December) so I need to cough up the balance of $700. He would have paid it all but I wanted to take care of some of it myself. We are odd like that.

Speaking of which. We have separate accounts. We each pay certain bills, and split up others (taxes, insurances, etc.). He pays the Boy's rent whereas I pay the Boy's food, classes, books and transportation fees (which I've put NONE of that on the budget). He pays the mortgage and other household stuff like that, whereas I pay the utilities and food.

Does it seem odd to most people that we do that? I have his pin number to his card and he has mine, but we are not co-signors on the accounts, nor do we have a card to each others account.  We are joint acount holders on the Gold AE and that's it.

Our tax refund last year (first time in like 10 years!) was put into my account only because we were going to VEGAS BABY and well, I was in charge of the cash on the trip. Here's hoping the same can be said this year too for my 48th birthday (we ARE going to VEGAS BABY again in early May and I'm hoping to have a tax refund to play with).

Well. Now that I deviated AWAY from the real topic, I'm back :) Zero Spend 2 days in a row. Sweet. I'm hoping I can do Friday too.