Friday, January 20, 2012

Thursday, January 19th

I made a quick decision this morning at 7:50am to make this face wash wipe things. Not that it was a big deal to do it (it's super easy!) but the fact is I leave the house no later than 8:30, I was still in my pajamas and had not made breakfast or lunch as of that time. For a moment, I said, "I'll just drive thru BK" ... just like the old days.

Ha. No. And I didn't. I brushed my teeth in the kitchen while I toasted the bagel and fried an egg. I washed my face (using my new face wipes) while tossing stuff into a Publix shopping bag for breakfast and lunch. Really. Egg sandwich with some shredded cheese tossed in. Cheese sticks. Fruit snacks. Bottled water. Banana. Yeah, an odd assortment but beats the hell out of a drive thru! Oh, and my large cup of coffee (in the Starbucks Tervas Tumbler with lid and straw that the Girl gave to me). That pretty much covered me for breakfast and lunch. Mark needs new dress slacks for work so we are heading to JCPenney's after work to shop for them. And then we will do our dinner out. $30 preferable, $40 would be the MAXIMUM which includes tip. I'm NOT paying, I have $2 in my wallet at the moment, and it's staying that way until Sunday.

It's been a rough week at work (although something totally came through and paid off today!), and dealing with my brother on the dad issues has not been at all soothing. I've just had to turn off my cell phone and ignore the text messages, otherwise I was going to get all worked up and I don't need to be doing that. Of course, it's financial stuff and rubs me the wrong way. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world who has gone through this but OMG ... is there an END? Work has just been busy ... one of them weeks where I could have used an assistant ... but I can't justify hiring someone as next week could be dead quiet. So I deal with that on a day by day basis. But I do see a pattern that stress makes me want to spend money. Not intentionally, but just that 'make me feel better with something' type of attitude. Ack. Wish I could channel it to exercise!

So all in all, today is a Zero Spend Day on my side ... Mark, well, that was his call. He needed new slacks and it's hard to find NICE dress slacks for work, 2nd hand. So he needed to do it.

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  1. For me stress equals eating sugar or fried foods. It is hard to try and distract myself away from that. Sometimes spending helps but it is a quick high that leaves the bank account in disarray. I hope your weekend is going smoothly (and cheaply)