Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Eww. What a day it was today. Besides being exhausted from yesterday's events and getting up earlier than normal for Mark to fly out, and then a closing seriously blowing up at the walk through ... ack, I could seriously use some comfort and spending would certainly make me feel better but NO I will not do it!

I do need to get to Costco but was going to maybe hold out til Wednesday BUT I'm exhausted and DO NOT want to go work out. Seriously, just plain blah. Ick. Regardless, it's not a Zero Spend Day, $202 for Tmobile and $116 for Cable. Over and over.

I also stopped at the store to get milk and coffee cream to tide me over til Wednesday as we are OUT and the Girl has been drinking coffee AND milk lately, whats up with that?? Got sidetracked (restraint??) by the chicken tenders on sale for $5.99 a pound. Had to get a pound and half for dinner along with a small side of potato salad (that was $2.99 and I thought it was $1.99) ... so $17 out the wallet just like that. Good news? I handed over $100 bill and put the rest in my little wallet.

Ok, moving on. I've got the Money Saving Mom book on my Kindle. Yes, I paid for it but used my swagbucks to convert to amazon gift cards ... (sorry, this is a plug, if you click on either link above and then buy or sign up, I will get a little compensation). I love swagbucks, but not so sure of the book itself. Common sense. And borderline 'scolding' although I'm not sure that's the word I want to use. Eh. I don't know. I'm having a hard time getting through it (granted, I've been reading a real book too) ... but it has started me back to going through stuff and I decided to swap out the flatware with the REAL silverware and feel pretty damn special when I use it ... so that's an improvement in my opinion!

I'm going to keep reading it...plugging away every night. I suppose maybe I should make notes? Eh. Nah. That's too complicated.

All in all, not a horribly bad day. Not a great day, not a bad day. Tuesday will be a Zero Spend Day!


  1. I am reading MSM's book also. In paperback though, I'm still saving for a Nook Color. I'm just a BN girl at heart. What has helped me is taking 3x5 cards and writing notes and goals on them. Of course it is a issue with them sticking in the book. I just don't take it with me anywhere to read as I would usually. Amy at is going to be doing a book club with it. Maybe that will help you to follow. I'm joining to get the extra insight.

    1. That is sorry about that.

    2. Hey Deb, thanks for the heads up on Amy ... will have to check it out. Got to thinking maybe I just need to take it chapter by chapter instead of reading 3 chapters and evaluating!