Saturday, January 7, 2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Here we are, the first Friday of the New Year! Woohoo. This is generally the night that Mark and I would have a few cocktails and get 'happy', at home. But I don't think we will be doing that tonight as we did it LAST night. WTH?

I am sending the dinner I got last night with both of us for lunches today. No sense in letting it go to waste (especially to the tune of $25) ... I'm still bummed it cost that much but oh well. Someone did eat the soup last night I see. And I ate some of the bread and stashed the special herbs for dipping aside. I'm going to try and decipher just how it's made and try to replicate it ...

Today is also the first day to get the $143.68 paycheck for the no-touch savings account. Can I tell you the anxiety I am having by knowing that this money will NOT go through the checking account? All of a sudden, we are down to the wire, I have less than $400 in my checking account ($370 I believe?) and the $261 electric brings it even lower ... and this money is not going in the account to give me safe, good feelings. Ack. I do need to dig out the debit card and pin number to stop and make a deposit. There is a Chase bank on every freakin corner it seems, BUT none of them are convenient for ME to get in and out of  (on wrong side or road, etc.). But I suppose that was the whole purpose?

In other news, the Tide I ordered on the 28th from Amazon (4 100oz bottles for $35) arrived on Tuesday and I completely forgot to mention ... I was very impressed seeing that Saturday, Sunday and Monday were considered no ship holidays ... excellent turn around time. I highly recommend you go to Amazon and check out the deals (or click over here, and you can use my affiliated link). If you click or belong to Subscribe and Save (they ship to you every so often, you decide how often) then they knock it down to $40 and change. I had some Swagbucks that I cashed out to Amazon gift cards (450 swagbucks gives you $5 ... if you haven't checked THAT out, you really need to ... here's the link for that) ... and used the $5 off for that too. Seriously, a good deal. I just happened to think to mention it since I put a load of darks (work clothes for the Girl) in and opened up my first bottle.

Then I wasted about an hour and half at work browsing for stuff for my dad...trying to find assistance for him as he's living on $970 a month. Not so bad, I'd say EXCEPT: $385 lot payment, $350 car payment, he's diabetic and does NOT have Medicare Part D (don't ask, we are still trying to piece all of this stuff together since my mom passed) ... and well, seriously, after factoring in food, scripts, cable, insurance (house and car), electric, cable, phone, he's doomed. It's downright pathetic.  Depressing. Stressful. And then I find out for whatever reason, the Township Trustee did NOT pay the lot rent this month, that a check from my father's account was delivered. Uggg. I may have to pick that up for the time being (seriously thinking that the budget is going to get a serious re-working at months end) ... and me & Mark both agree that he should give the car back to the finance company and Mark will buy him a cheap, safe, efficient vehicle for about $2000. That would free up probably $400 in monthly car stuff. Its' hard being HERE and then piecing together the information HE gives me and then trying to pry out the facts (100%) from my brother and SIL. Don't get me wrong, they are doing great things with him, but nothing seems to come to fruition when they say it's done. Trustee payment for example.

Put a call in to the Rhuematologist to see if I could up my dosage of anti-inflammatory or if it came in a stronger dosage, said yes and yes BUT she was still waiting on my blood work (yeah, I didn't do it yet) and would not give me a stronger pill till she gets it back. But in the meantime, I can take 2 for the next 3 to 5 days. Thank god because it feels like someone put both hands in a vice and twisted. :( I hate Lupus and degenerative joints.

I did manage to make it a Zero Spend Day at the end...thankfully (and insisted on making baked shrimp scampi according to the plan)

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