Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Obviously, a Zero Spend Day. I must stay FOCUSED.

The Boy has 2 more books that I need to get paid for $120 total. I am making a deposit on Wednesday to his account of $150 so he can have a few bucks for groceries. Then I need to give the lecture of GET A JOB. I know it's hard for him but he needs to keep trying.

I've also got to get some bills paid today. Usually I set up bill pay as soon as I get the bills, but not sure why I've not done that yet this month. Damn if I'm late on a credit card I'll be screaming. Yikes. No No No.

I'm crabby ... I'm beating myself up over the past week. I need to just move forward but I've really messed up ... I know, gotta keep going. But still.

The plan to stay out of the stores this week is not going to happen 100%. After all that money spent, I still need to get cat food, litter NOW and then I'll also need some salad stuff coming soon. I will stop a the store today, spend probably $20 for the cat food and litter which should get us through the month. Wondering now if I should just make a line for the cats on the budget. No kidding.

Speaking of budget. I will probably try and re-work it next week as the month will be just about over AND Mark will be out of town. That will give me some quiet time to really focus. Uggg. I'm so bummed. Again, move forward. Live and learn.

On an off topic. The wife of Boss #1 was in yesterday doing some 'work'... she brought in her Rosetta Stone Spanish program. AND her new camera. Nice. My boss went to Costco, two days before Christmas and bought her gifts. Camera. Rosetta Stone. Panini maker. The camera is NICE. 2nd lens. Definately confusing and difficult. The green monster reared his head just for an instant. I want a new camera and would LOVE to have one like that (Canon Rebel) ... BUT realize that it's not in my path at the moment ... but I could so see it there!

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