Friday, January 6, 2012

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

I can't believe we are already 5 days into the New Year. Don't ask me why I'm surprised by that, I don't know!

Sent the Boy on the road at 7am back to Orlando this morning. It really is bittersweet. Again, reminded him that he needs to continue the job hunt as this is really crunching the household budget. I know he's  trying, and the job market is tough, but keep going kid.

I was aiming for another easy Zero Spend Day today, but it didn't work out that way. Mark convinced me that I needed to go meet up with a girlfriend at Carrabas. Two for one drinks and I was only planning on 2 beers @ $4 plus tip. I mean, seriously, I probably could have gotten out of there for $10. But no. It was 7:30 and we ordered takeout on separate tabs. I got something that the Girl and Mark could split (The Johnny) for $19. And toss in some bread and that yummy dipping stuff too please? And the soup instead of the salad. Yeah, so all in all, I spent $35. That leaves me with $25 in my wallet to last me through Monday, since I took out $60 for the grocery fund (heck, it was Thursday already) and figured I would just use that for my night out and what was left would be for groceries. It's not that I need anything so to speak (milk, cat food, litter. That's it so far).

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